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Photo collage - spa treatments 1
Photo collage - spa treatments 1
Photo collage - spa treatments 1
Photo collage - spa treatments 1
Photo collage - spa treatments 1
Photo collage - spa treatments 1
spa treatments
Use your TradeX Dollars for personal services
like massage, facials, and hair
With TradeX you can trade your products or services
for dining and entertainment
With TradeX, you can trade your excess inventory
or down time for fantastic vacations
Trade your excess inventory for needed
medical and dental services
Why pay cash when you can trade for auto repair
or auto body work through TradeX
commercial barter
Commercial barter is another viable, profitable
"income stream"
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How It Works

Reciprocal Trade and Commercial Barter Works From a Single Trade Purchase

Diagram of how barter works

We take out the one-on-one direct exchange and make trading more flexible and profitable via a “bank like” system of DEBITS (trade purchases) and Credits (trade sales). In other words, a restaurant that has earned trade dollar credit from sales, may use a media source within the system, however the media source may not need restaurant meals, but would like dental care with those trade dollars, the dentist could then use the trade dollars earned for electrical work from a contractor in the system, who chooses to use those new trade dollars for their printing needs.

TradeX members are free to spend earned trade dollars on whatever they want or need from thousands of businesses within our local and worldwide network. This model of round-robin trading eliminates the challenge of finding a direct trading partner that is interested in the specific goods or services that you have to offer and enables you to trade efficiently, conveniently and profitably with other participating business in the network. A great way to maximize new business sales.

The Many Uses of TradeX Exchange


  1. Professionals promoting your product or service
  2. Free Professionally designed Ad Display in our on-line directory
  3. Free Listing and Ad in our TradeX E-Blast to Clients
  4. Complete Record keeping of Sales Transactions
  5. Additional Sales that would not otherwise occur
  6. New Customers from word of mouth by TradeX Clients
  7. Exposure and Access to Regional, national and international markets
  8. Free Promotion on our web shopping mall

Utilize your Trade Dollars for:

  1. Restaurants, Entertainment, and Travel
  2. Medical and Dental Expenses
  3. Office Supplies and Equipment
  4. Printing and Advertising
  5. Massages and Facials
  6. Gym Memberships
  7. Luxury Items and More!
Photo of a person receiving a massage


  1. Purchase with discount equivalent to your gross margin
  2. TradeX brokers act as your purchasing agents
  3. Conserving your Cash Flow
  4. Making Purchases out of additional Sales
  5. Real-Time Trading
  6. Using Idle inventory and downtime to make purchases that your business or personal needs that you are currently spending cash on
  7. Purchasing with an interest Free line of credit on agreement
Barter SAS logo v1

Commercial Barter Makes Record-Keeping Easy

TradeX uses state-of-the-art “Bank-Like” technology to track all of your barter sales and purchases with an easy-to-read, itemized monthly statement. Plus, the Client/Member Website and 24/7 Auto Broker Line are available for transaction processing anytime that you want In a sense, TradeX works much like a bank, providing control, record keeping, and administration for your barter activities. With TradeX convenient clearinghouse concept, there’s no need to keep track of the dollars traded.

Diagram of barter cashflow

TradeX helps Improve New Sales and Conserves Cash flow, which results in New Profits

TradeX brings you Extra Sales that you would NOT have gotten otherwise. With this newly found revenue you can off-set both business and personal expenses, realizing more cash flow for your business!

Logo of the International Barter Alliance

Buy, Sell & Trade Online at

Provides trade clients with tools to Intertrade with thousands of businesses, using our doBarter software Once you become a TradeX client you will utilize the website identify and take advantage of local national and global trading opportunities which include:

* Online Directory Listings
* Local Classifieds
* Travel Opportunities
* Barter Store Directory

• Local Classifieds

  • Travel Opportunities
  • Barter Store Directory

Meet Some of Our Local TradeX Trading Partners

Testimonials From Some of Our Happy Clients

mr bill touchup logo

Bill Wilson
Mr Bill’s Mobile Repair

“TradeX has become one of our best advertising and marketing tools. It has helped cultivate those new sales that offset so many business expenses. I have perked my employees using TradeX Dollars and I currently have a successful advertising radio and print campaign using trade dollars! I have traded for items I would not be using my cash flow for, but I do now because of the new business I receive from TradeX.”

magic steam logo

Luis Sanchez
Magic Steam

“TradeX has brought me a new stream of revenue that I could have never received without being involved with the barter system. It allows me to keep cash in my pocket and expand my business activity. We have spent our Trade Dollars on restaurants, printing, business cards, truck lettering, personal travel, employee and customer appreciation gifts, auto repair, entertainment and pet grooming on a regular basis. And, to top it all off, their record keeping and monthly updates are very accurate. I never have to worry about keeping track of my purchases.”

Butterfield Grooming logo

Christina Todd
Butterfield Grooming

“I’m always happy to welcome trade customers to my pet grooming boutique. I have gained new customers I normally would not have, plus, I like the true cost savings of trading for other services.”

grill logos

Luis Solis – owner
Manzanita Grill

“Every cash dollar I save by trading with TradeX for my two restaurants advertising, carpet cleaning, plumbing, electrical, catering, vehicle maintenance, dental and many other restaurant services has helped me “free up my cash flow” by thousands of cash dollars each year. I recommend TradeX to wise business owners, and especially restaurants.”

O) 951-566-5557
D) 951-282-1508

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