TradeX Benefits


30 years experience in the “Modern Trade Exchange Industry”

We help you Increase your business and profit through the “Creative Financial World of Business to Business Reciprocal Trade“ by utilizing your excess inventory and downtime to purchase Advertising, Auto repair, Dental & Medical, Printing, Products, Professional services, Travel and much, much more …conserving your cash flow

  • “Safe and Secure Trading” with over 55,000 business through 250 affiliate Trade Exchanges throughout the USA and Canada
  • Specialized Trade Brokers to assist you daily
  • All TradeX clients trade at “prevailing market prices”
  • We help you realize your “Trade Capacity” and help you trade within those means.
  • Affordable, modest Trade Fees

What is TradeX?Barter-Conserve Cash-Tradex-Murrieta

TradeX is the business to business network that introduces you to thousands of new customers eager to buy your product or service.

TradeX makes the sale so much easier because you are trading with other members who appreciate the benefits of buying and selling through this huge National-International business to business trade network.

TradeX client/members come from a wide range of industries including retail, Media & advertising, Restaurant, wholesale, manufacturing, agriculture, Medical & professional services, building trades, construction, transportation, Travel, communications, hospitality, recreation and more…

TradeX Benefits:

Selling through TradeX means…

  • Increased sales and profits
  • Free local, national and international advertising
  • An Account Manager who helps promote your product or service to our client base
  •  Guaranteed new customers…guaranteed sales.

Buying though TradeX means…

  • A buying discount equivalent to your gross margin
  • Interest free line of credit
  • Spending trade dollars and conserving cash (a trade Dollar spent is a cash dollar saved)
  • An Account Manager to source products and services that you want to buy

How TradeX helps you

When you become a trading client of the TradeX family, you will be assigned your own personal Trade Broker who works with you to make sure you get the most out of your trading opportunities.

With their specialized knowledge and training in the TradeX system, Trade Brokers will assist you in finding new customers and help source the products and services you want to buy.

Your Trade Broker will also help take advantage of the marketing, promotional and networking opportunities through the TradeX network.Cash-Barter

TradeX is safe and secure

As a TradeX Member you become part of the nation’s largest and most successful trading network. The TradeX operating system complies with all US Internal Revenue Service requirements. TradeX provides a complete record keeping service, which you can view anytime wish. Each business, whether sole proprietor or corporation, will receive weekly and daily update’s via e-mail

For a limited time only, TradeX will discount the application/publication fee cost by 70%

TradeX Client Services:

  • Easy access on-line trading
  • An experienced, knowledgeable trade broker to assist you in “strategic” trading for products or services you are seeking.
  • Field reps to seek out products or services you are seeking by adding new TardeX clients to our trade floor, if we do not have them in inventory, “if you’re a willing existing TradeX buyer, we will find a willing potential TradeX seller”
  • Professional Trade Brokers to help market your products or services to other TradeX clients.
  • Monthly statement of trade activity
  • We can post transactions or you can post your own
  • Real Time Trading

Other  TradeX Services:

TradeX provides you with a wide range of services that will not only improve the profitability of your business, but also improve your lifestyle through:

  • Access to consultants that specialize in business, travel, hospitality and corporate trading-   The latest network news, information and trading tips via
  • TradeX member networking events
  • A complete online member directory updated weekly