What is TradeX?

Discover the Power of Safe & Secure Trading…It’s simple. Barter companies are third party record keepers, just like banks and credit card companies. When you join TradeX, you get a barter account, which is much like a checking account, except that deposits and payments to your TradeX account are made with Trade Dollars instead of cash. And, one barter dollar = one cash dollar.Tradex-auto repair-trade circle

Unlike direct trading, barter exchange members enjoy multi-party trading. You provide your product or service, but you are not limited to receiving the product or service of the person or company you are trading with.

With TradeX, in addition to your cash checking account at your bank, you will also have your barter checking account. Each time you spend barter dollars instead of cash for the products, services, travel and advertising you need, you conserve cash. And,TradeX acts like your Marketing Department, promoting and referring new business to you from our membership – new customers that you simply would never have had.

Most businesses that join TradeX can anticipate getting 10% to 15% in additional new sales from buyers referred to you through the exchange, that will pay you in Trade Dollars for your products, services, excess inventory or capacity. Then, use your new found revenue from those sales to pay for purchases instead of using cash. The cash savings goes right to your bottom line profits!

Be a part of this growing referral network, and join TradeX today!