Trade with Thousands all over the World

Ancient Barter was man’s first form of commerce and consisted of the one to one direct exchange of goods and services. Advances in technology have greatly expanded and enhanced the scope of Barter far beyond this limited one to one model.

The International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA), the world’s leading association and advocate for the barter and trade industry…Member exchanges offer enhanced value with a brilliant array of worldwide reciprocal trade opportunities.

Businesses that choose to participate in Modern trade and Barter will become a client of an IRTA Member Company. As clients when they sell their goods and services to other clients in the system they earn trade credits which are deposited into their accounts. They then have the ability to purchase goods and services from other member clients utilizing trade credit in their accounts. IRTA Member Companies play a vital role as they provide organization, system management, record keeping, maintenance of transaction record and broker services to each member client.

All IRTA Members Companies adhere to a strict IRTA Code of Ethics. Businesses that utilize Modern Trade and Barter can be assured that their trade credits are earned and spent within a network that is committed to a high standard of business by meeting requirements that prove the strength and sustainability of their exchange networks.