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How Reciprocal Trade and Commercial Barter Works From a Single Trade Purchase

We take out the one-on-one direct exchange and make trading more flexible and profitable via a “bank like” system of DEBITS (trade purchases) and Credits (trade sales). In other words, a restaurant that has earned trade dollar credit from sales, may use a media source within the system, however the media source may not need restaurant meals, but would like dental care with those trade dollars, the dentist could then use the trade dollars earned for electrical work from a contractor in the system, who chooses to use those new trade dollars for their printing needs.

TradeX members are free to spend earned trade dollars on whatever they want or need from thousands of businesses within our local and worldwide network. This model of round-robin trading eliminates the challenge of finding a direct trading partner that is interested in the specific goods or services that you have to offer and enables you to trade efficiently, conveniently and profitably with other participating business in the network. A great way to maximize new business sales.